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I am dedicated to providing the latest trends in marketing with a dash of life thrown in the mix. Tune in for actionable strategies to improve your business and happiness.

Stop taking day trips and start taking vacations

Taking day trips is fun, don't get me wrong - but sometimes the outcome doesn't meet expectations. For example, earlier this year, I traveled to a food truck festival. When we got there, we discovered there were two food trucks, and they were both not what we were...

Go See The Fireworks And Enjoy The Show

I have a short hump day lesson for you today! And I know, I know. "Why the hell are you telling me to go see fireworks?" -You The idea is that we get insanely caught up in our business. The pain, fatigue, dare I say it, failure, that where we really fail is...

Take Your Dogs to the Vet: Why optimization is the key to success

We love our pets. I particularly, love my dogs. I have a 6-year old husky named Mika (pronounced mee-kuh, not mike-uh) and a 6-month old German Shephard named Tarkin (like from Star Wars). I had a pretty routine visit with them, but I, like many other responsible...

How Market Research Can Make You Money

Market research signifies many attributes to a business. Let’s talk about how important it truly is though. Market research can without a doubt make you money. But how you might ask. It requires a deep understanding of your potential markets to truly know your target market.

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Get Smart Book Review

I recently read a book - “Get Smart” by Brian Tracy. It took me a day to read. I read the first half while my daughter was napping, and the other half once I put her to sleep for the night. It’s about two-hundred pages that tells you “How to Think and Act Like the...

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