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Steven Werley

Stop taking day trips and start taking vacations

Jul 17, 2019Business & Marketing, Personal & Life

Taking day trips is fun, don’t get me wrong – but sometimes the outcome doesn’t meet expectations.

For example, earlier this year, I traveled to a food truck festival. When we got there, we discovered there were two food trucks, and they were both not what we were looking for. If you go to a food truck festival, you want OPTIONS. This didn’t provide that.

When someone takes a vacation, it’s generally more planned out. Where you’re staying, at least a basic outline of places you want to see/visit, and maybe some restaurants. The change of a happy vacation far outweighs that of a day trip. Why?

  1. They last longer
  2. You have more control of the outcome

This applies closely to tactics and strategies in our business and marketing plans. Tactics = day trips whereas strategies = vacations.

It’s easy to commit to writing a blog once per week, but if there’s not a cohesive strategy behind it, you’ll most likely:

  1. Burn out
  2. Attain no new clients

All that means is you wasted your time!

Stop thinking about the short term/instant results, and think about the long term. Create a sustainable business with predictable streams of leads and customers. This way, if something stops working as well as it used to you can pivot to a different tactic to work within the overall strategy – kind of like those Pandora bracelets that used to be popular. Maybe they still are, but I haven’t heard much about them.

The idea is the strategy still exists, but you might need to swap some pieces out to fit the changing market and provide customers what they want.

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