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Danville, VA 24541 

If you are interested in working together, a speaking engagement, or even appearing on the Local Domination Roadmap podcast I’d love to hear from you. Also if you think you can eat more ice cream than me I’d love to set up a competition for that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

This is a great question I get asked a lot. I am a bit of a generalist, and I like working with many types of businesses. Despite this, I am still picky with my clientele because I only work with someone if I genuinely believe I can help them. I work on funnel strategy, implementation, and running traffic/optimization. This includes everything from copy and email automation to landing pages and sales tracking.

For local businesses, I help with SEO, Google Map Listings, Web Design (very picky), lead generation, Facebook ads, and automating business processes.

Do you offer consulting?

I do. Consulting is the piece of my business I enjoy the most. I like working on an overarching strategy of marketing for a business and getting it from point a to point b. Maybe that’s doubling revenue, you want to only work 3 days a week, or expanding to multiple locations. These are all things you should have a soundboard and a proven process to implement.

Do you charge per hour?

I am not a fan of charging per hour. In rare cases I do, but I normally charge per project or set a monthly retainer. This is dependent on the service and whether it’s ongoing or one-time.

How can I do this myself?

A lot of businesses are new or simply don’t have the budget to hire a professional. I understand that 100%. There are many good blogs, podcasts, and other content out there. Instead of listing them all I’ll leave the Googling to you. One recommendation I have is to check out Digital Marketer’s products and see if there is something there that can help you. I am not affiliated with them, I just love their products and hold multiple certifications with them. DM Lab is their lowest offering at about $40/month. You will also get access to an amazing Facebook group with that.

Remember, don’t invest in your education of things if you will not carry them out. You are better off budgeting and setting money aside for a professional to help you whether that’s me or someone else. If you know you won’t hold yourself accountable, don’t waste money! Put it aside each month.

How long does a website take to complete?

Ha, if only I had a magic 8-ball to answer this. The only answer I provide is this largely is dependent on the client and how quickly I get what I need. I have never had a complaint (knock on wood) with my output of designing and getting content implemented.

Can you host my website?

Absolutely. I don’t force any of my clients into this, but I happily host customer websites on some of the fastest most secure servers for WordPress. Like anything tech there are vulnerabilities, but we keep everything as up to date as possible and maintain daily backups while monitoring uptime. There is absolutely nothing that clients have to do to manage it.

How do you grow word of mouth referrals?

Want to know the truth? It’s a marketing term. Local businesses eat the phrase “word of mouth” up like a turkey on Thanksgiving day. It’s not a lie though. We work on generating reviews for businesses and rank their Google My Business (GMB) listing in the top 3. This ensures they get more calls than anyone else in their market and location, hence word of mouth and local domination!

How can I trust you?

Quite honestly I cannot make you trust me. I put everything I do out there and make my processes as transparent as possible. That provides a wide open net for someone who feels like I wronged them to attack me. If someone does feel like I was unethical with them I hope they let me know so I can solve it. I have never intentionally hurt a business.

What I will say is in the world of marketing there is no magic pill that solves everything (you’re smart, you know this). What I do know is by talking to clients and understanding their goals and expectations to the best of my ability helps me decide if I think we’re a good fit. The potential client obviously has to feel this way too in order to move forward.

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