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If you are interested in working together, have a speaking engagement, or have a simple question I’d love to hear from you. Also, if you think you can eat more ice cream than me, I’d love to set up a competition for that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

This is a great question I get asked a lot. I am a bit of a generalist, and I like working with many types of businesses. Despite this, I am still picky with my clientele because I only work with someone if I genuinely believe I can help them. I work on campaign strategy, developing a marketing tech stack, and setting up automations. If you’re interested in setting up a meeting fill out the contact form above.

Do you offer consulting?

I do. Consulting is the piece of my business I enjoy the most. I like working on an overarching strategy of marketing for a business and getting it from point A to point B. Maybe that’s increasing profit, you wanting to work less, or expanding to multiple locations. These are all things you should have a soundboard of and a proven process to implement.

Do you charge per hour?

No – I charge per project and based on the impact and performance of what I implement with you.

Do you guarantee results?

Typically no. With that said, I only work with businesses that I know I can help. The first thing we ever do together is a strategy session. It’s a paid session that’s refundable and I’ve helped businesses make an extra six-figures in the two-hour session.

What if I've been burned by an agency before?

You and everyone else my friend. The key to successfully working with an agency is agreeing on the scope of work and understanding its track record of success. Specific case studies are useful here. The thing with marketing, you can be wrong. I’m wrong a lot. I do not hide that aspect. When I’m wrong, it’s usually during a test, so there’s a different test that’s still succeeding.

How do you decide you you will work with?

I weed out potential clients based on two factors:

  1. Can I actually help
  2. Is it a cultural fit? (No asshole policy)

If both aren’t true, then we won’t work together. If you’re not coachable, unopen to feedback, or want to tell someone how to do their job, feel free to try someone else.

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