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Steven Werley

I am a father, husband, brother, son, former Army Ranger, marketer, and entrepreneur searching for purpose, hope, and growth. There is no singular theme to everything within. Some things will be geared more toward business owners and marketing executives, and others toward people like me trying to discover what they should be doing.

Writing is a form of therapy. I am not doing this to attain celebrity status, a book deal, or any intention other than hoping it provides an outlet for my thoughts. If those thoughts help others along the way, it is a well-received side effect.

The sharing of knowledge is something I always thought humans of as being rather primitive. Wisdom and knowledge go around, but we fail to prepare our children for what comes in life. It’s not due to a lack of experience by humanity but an inability to prioritize the lessons we share as parents, teachers, business leaders, scientists, doctors, and, dare I say, politicians.

I believe in transparency. If you’re here to find some hidden trick to become a millionaire overnight, a respected and loved leader, the best parent in the world, or the meaning of life, you will likely leave with a feeling of emptiness. At least at the time of writing this I am not a world-renowned expert in anything, including parenting and business, and I’m somewhat lost overall about what I should be doing.

As I stated when I started this, growth is one of the goals. I hope that growth is achieved by documenting my knowledge, goals, and learnings. If there is one thing to push the needle forward, it’s to learn something daily and weave love into how we interact with others. One of the most well-documented learnings is that simple acts of kindness can create tidal-wave chains of events rippling through the lives of many others.

So with a smile, a pinch of hope, and an open mind, I want to say welcome to my life.


Steven E Werley

November 27, 2022

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