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I am dedicated to providing the latest trends in marketing with a dash of life thrown in the mix. Tune in for actionable strategies to improve your business and happiness.

How to Develop the Perfect Customer Avatar

Let’s be honest. Creating customer avatars isn’t the sexiest thing to do in business. However, if you do, you can make your bank account a whole lot sexier. That’s right. One of the essential pillars in starting a business is developing accurate and relevant avatars...

Helping Others: A Theory

This post makes me bummed my website traffic is minimal. Hell, let’s be honest: nonexistent. Posting on a more consistent basis will bring in all the critics and haters which I am ecstatic for (not sarcasm). Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy stirring the...

What Dale Carnegie Won’t Teach You About Word of Mouth Marketing

Anyone that converses with me about business books knows my favorite one is, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. So if you think I’m bashing Carnegie or claiming to be better, I can assure you I’m not. Carnegie uses the book to explain...

Get Smart Book Review

I recently read a book - “Get Smart” by Brian Tracy. It took me a day to read. I read the first half while my daughter was napping, and the other half once I put her to sleep for the night. It’s about two-hundred pages that tells you “How to Think and Act Like the...

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