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Using Medium to Leverage More Visitors

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Business, Marketing, WordPress | 0 comments

Oh Medium, all I have to say is congratulations. Back in college I had an idea eerily similar to yours and I never fully followed through as I wanted to go be a super badass special forces solider. I did join the 75th Ranger Regiment, but ultimately never deployed. What if I beat you and you were the one writing this blog post now? Oh well, I’m not butt hurt about it, glad it worked and you guys executed it perfectly.

What is Medium?

Excellent question. Medium is a platform for content producers to share their content, attain followers, and recommend other content from other writers. Medium is a website and an app. It sends users push notifications for certain content, and drives viewership of content overall.

Medium advertises itself as a place to tell stories. Whether you post stories, news articles, funny situations, or publicly shame your dog, Medium is a great and seamless way to attain more followers. It doesn’t take much time at all to set up. It’s also a great way for you to find content, learn more about your field of study, or just enjoy random stories. Think of twitter for blogs.

Will I Lose Visitors On My Blog?

Stop that. Stop it right now. Medium is a way to give you more publicity. If you have visitors going to your blog you’re not going to lose them, and the few you may lose you’ll gain even more via Medium. If you understand how to use Medium, you know that Medium can link back to your blog. So yes, use those outbound links on Medium to bring them more content on your blog.

Don’t look at Medium as the enemy. Medium can help you grow even more so than before. Are you hesitant to do it? Why? Medium has already caught wind and gains more traffic every day. It pays to be a first timer on platforms. You’re late to be a first timer on Medium, but you can still build your popularity rather quickly.

The Medium WordPress Plugin

If you blog on WordPress you need to use this plugin. It helps with automation by linking your blog and Medium post. Let’s take a look at the settings. You want to do this as you’re actually writing a post. It will be on the right hand side.

You want to cross post as public. That just makes it so your post will be public on Medium’s platform. License is your choice. For simplicity I just leave the default, “All rights reserved.” Next, you have cross-link posts. Use the “yes” setting. This will automatically link your blog to Medium increasing the amount of Medium followers you will attain, and link Medium to the blog increasing your traffic and revenue if you’re using ads. If you are not using ads to increase blog revenue, you will at least have a higher chance of someone subscribing to your email list.

Medium WordPress settings

Medium WordPress settings

Email list? For the sake of all that is good and holy you better subscribe to mine if you don’t use an email list on your blog. You need help.

Last, you can choose to “Create in publication.” You can add publications in Medium. That’s all up to you!

Understanding Leverage

Leverage is something that gives you the upper hand. This can be used in multiple aspects of business, but this is about leverage over your competition. If you’re a traditional business and have committed to developing blog posts and pushing more content, that’s awesome! Medium is a great way to drive even more visitors to you.

It’s not always about the sheer amount of followers you have, but the one that pays you to make a $25k custom diamond engagement ring, or install a $50k pool. You never know who is going to read your content, but you can make sure it’s available to more potential customers.

Creating more links to your website via Medium is a great way to increase your SEO as well. SEO is essential for gaining higher rankings on Google for organic search. If you can get to the top of Google organically, you don’t have to pay for all those ads the marketing agency around the corner wants you to pay for! But listen to that agency, they’re probably giving you great tips as long as they’re ethical.

Closing Remarks

Medium provides a quality solution to enhancing your content marketing strategies. By seamlessly integrating WordPress and Medium, which takes little technical knowledge, one can make their blog pop. When it comes to business, a lot of businesses all do the same thing, and the only way they claim to stand out above the rest is their niche, or they have the “BEST” customer service.

Don’t be one of those companies. Stand up, and separate yourself of how you’re actually receiving business. Maybe you really do have the best customer service, but if you can’t be found, you’ll get beat more than Steve Carrell by his hand in, “The 40 Year Old Virgin.” It was pretty dry all the way up until the end – had to get something in there!

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