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A Short Autobiography

At the time of writing this (2018), I’m 25. I’m sure I’ll add to this down the line. My name is Steve Werley and I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve always had that mindset. I grew up in the Lehigh Valley located in Pennsylvania. Do you want to see a booming economy and one of the most underrated places to run a startup? Check it out.

Early Life

I attended Parkland High School. It’s one of those schools where the other schools say it’s where the rich kids go.¬†Apparently, that’s a good thing, but I was ultimately pretty mediocre in school. My sister was the book smart one. She went on and earned her doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). I got my degree in Computer Science from East Stroudsburg University. Again, I was mediocre. I was not outstanding, nor terrible.

My whole life I had a passion for running. I ran in middle school, high school, college, and still do it today. I love it. It clears my mind. I more recently got into obstacle course racing, or OCR’s.

College and Onward

I started a business in college, and that idea is more or less what Medium is today. No, I didn’t create Medium. I stopped developing the business because I needed a change in my life. College was time-consuming, annoying, and ultimately not for me. I decided I wanted to be part of a spec ops group in the military. I eventually landed on the 75th Ranger Regiment. I joined the Army, when to boot, went to Ranger selection, and became a Ranger. No – I’m not claiming to be crazy badass, hell, I didn’t even get deployed.

I got out of the military in December of 2015 (honorably), and I started working for a company. Working for someone, bleh! I couldn’t do it. After two months I quit and started a web design business named Dekopon Solutions. I focused on creating highly optimized websites for clients using WordPress. Towards the end of my military career, I started using my educational benefits to pursue an M.S. in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University. I actually did very well in the program (Valedictorian), but it was very discussion and project based. Go figure, no tests and actually applying my skills and I succeed. It was one of those things that drove me to create my own business.

I also directed a local Startup Grind chapter (if you don’t know what Startup Grind is, you should).


Now I’m starting to build my consulting business. I focus on strategizing and creating custom-tailored sales funnels to help coaches and consultants scale their business.

I’m about hard (and smart) work. I strive to be the best at what I do. I also love collaborating and seeing how I can work with others for everyone’s benefit.

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